Bonzer Mixing Spoon - Copper Muddler End 40cm

Bonzer Mixing Spoon - Copper Muddler End 40cm


The Bonzer Mixing Spoon, a pro's choice, is a 40cm classic with 5ml spoon, muddler end, and spiralled shaft for layering drinks. It crushes herbs, stirs, and garnishes cocktails. Features durable construction and easy cleaning. Ideal for pros, home bartenders, and cocktail enthusiasts. Get yours now for incredible drinks!

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The Bonzer Mixing Spoon is the professional's choice. This classic 40cm spoon features both a 5ml spoon and disc end, as well as a spiralled shaft that adds beauty and practicality. The spiral design helps to layer drinks and offers additional grip. The muddler end is perfect for crushing herbs and citrus fruit, and the spoon end can be used to stir, measure, and garnish cocktails.


40cm long
Muddler end
5ml spoon end
Spiralled shaft
Durable construction


Perfect for crushing herbs and spices
Helps to layer drinks
Prevents the spoon from sticking to the sides of the glass
Sturdy and durable
Easy to clean

Ideal for:

Professional bartenders
Home bartenders
Cocktail enthusiasts and anyone who loves to make delicious drinks

Order your Bonzer Mixing Spoon today and start creating amazing cocktails!


Bonzer Mixing Spoon - Copper Muddler End 40cm
  • Brand Name Bonzer
  • Product Group Mixing Spoon
  • Primary Material Stainless Steel
  • Capacity (ml) 5
  • Colour Copper
  • Product Height (mm) 400
  • Product Width mm 30
  • Product Depth (mm) 25
  • Product Weight (kg) 0.06
  • Packaged Height (mm) 400
  • Packaged Width (mm) 30
  • Packaged Depth (mm) 25
  • Packaged Weight (kg) 0.06