Bonzer S/S Lid Dispenser - 450mm complete

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Bonzer S/S Lid Dispenser - 450mm complete


The Bonzer Lid Dispenser is a high-quality, durable dispenser designed for use in commercial settings. It features a stainless steel body, an adjustable spring-loaded pusher and silicone gasket to accommodate different lid sizes. Perfect for cafes, restaurants, and other food service businesses.

The Bonzer® Elevator makes the most of any counter, providing a low profile, space-saving and easily fitted solution which keeps your lids hygienically encased whilst still allowing easy access for quick service. Front ring Ø153mm Cut out hole Ø120mm Length 450mm. Suitable for lid rim diamters from 79mm to 90mm. Stainless steal tube for extra long life and hygiene. 


Bonzer S/S Lid Dispenser - 450mm complete
  • Brand Name Bonzer
  • Product Group Lid Dispenser
  • Primary Material Stainless Steel
  • Lid Dispenser Length (mm) 450
  • Cup/Lid Diameter Minimum (mm) 79
  • Cup/Lid Diameter Maximum (mm) 90