Crustastun - S/S - Standard Canada/USA

Crustastun - S/S - Standard Canada/USA

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Crustastun, proudly manufactured by Mitchell & Cooper, is a revolutionary appliance created specifically to humanely stun crustaceans. Developed as an alternative to traditional methods of killing lobster, crayfish and crab, the Crustastun is recognised as the only humane method of stunning crustaceans ready for cooking.

As diners have become more aware of, and increasingly concerned with, the treatment of animals and the slaughter methods used within the food industry, the need for humane and fair practices has never been greater. As evidence that crustaceans can feel pain has grown, so too have calls for traditional cooking methods, such as boiling, to be classed as inhumane and made illegal. Switzerland recently became the first country to ban the boiling of live lobsters, whilst animal welfare organisations such as Crustacean Compassion are campaigning for better treatment of crustaceans in the UK.

Crustastun is recognised by a number of leading welfare groups, including the RSPCA, as a humane and swift method of stunning crustaceans. Compared to boiling, which can take up to three minutes to kill even a small lobster, and cutting the animal in half which is unreliable, Crustastun interrupts the nerve function of the animal within half a second, meaning the shellfish can not feel pain. The animal is also killed in under 10 seconds, making it a dramatically quicker process compared to existing methods.


Crustastun - S/S - Standard Canada/USA
  • Brand Name Crustastun
  • Product Group Crustastun
  • Primary Material Stainless Steel
  • Colour Stainless Steel