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HotmixPRO is the most advanced range of solutions for every professional kitchen.

With their many, exclusive features, HotmixPRO machines are one of today’s most technologically advanced solutions to make the Chefs’ lives easier. Think of a kitchen tool that remembers your recipes and is able to reproduce them, without your intervention.

The HotmixPRO range offers total accuracy and predictability when choosing the production settings, to grant maximum freedom to the user.

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HotmixPro Easy Giaz

HotmixPro Easy Giaz

The Easy Giaz is a brand new development from HotmixPRO. Compatible with other popular 1.3l bowls on the market the Easy Giaz renovates completely an already existing technique - the reduction to puree of a frozen product- thanks to many innovative and intuitive technological solutions.
lt can optimize the efficiency of any kitchen, allowing to stock up any kind of frozen preparation and scrape/emulsify it later. lt is ideal for instant preparation of ice cream and sorbets, as well as creams and emulsions, and it is a perfect managing and organizing system for all those recipes that are fit to be frozen and stocked in a refrigerated place.

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HotmixPro Gastro

Chef Massimo Bottura, 3 Michelin Stars, possibly the greatest chef of Italy, consistently ranked in the top 5 in the best 50 restaurants in the world, chose HotmixPRO Gastro for his kitchen!
An innovative multifunction machine, unique in their genre and thanks to the special blades, it can work as a mixer to emulsify liquids, or as a cutter to work on any solid ingredient.
Along with these functions, there is a heating system that cooks any product, mixing it at variable speeds, to temperatures between +24°C and + 190°C.

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HotmixPro Dry

DRY is a professional dehydrator and warm storing cabinet. Equipped with 8 stainless steel 1/1 Gastronorm trays + 1 separator, HotmixPRO DRY transforms your recipes in unique and inimitable creations, with strong flavors and surprising textures.
Today, the need to preserve preparations in absence of humidity and at constant temperature is increasingly pressing, as well as the need to dehydrate fresh products for storage and other innovative uses such as powders, skins, crystals and wafers.

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