Mitchell & Cooper secure HotmixPRO distribution rights

Adding to their already impressive portfolio of light catering equipment brands, Mitchell & Cooper has announced UK distribution rights for the full range of HotmixPRO professional thermal mixers.

With their many features, HotmixPRO machines are viewed as one of today’s most technologically advanced solutions in helping make the lives of kitchen professionals easier, Whether you want to produce creams, jams, doughs, reductions or coulis’, the HotmixPro doesn’t just help create them, but will remember your recipe so in future no intervention is required. The thermal mixers are able to control the whole process with complete accuracy, thanks to speeds up to 16’000 rpm; cooking temperatures up to +190°C, and the ability to chill down to -24°C.  From mixing to cooking, preserving and smoking, and even the caramelisation of sugar, HotmixPRO’s extensive range of thermal mixers are suitable for a range of culinary applications.

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Mitchell & Cooper’s Marketing Manager, Jonathan White, is delighted to add HotmixPRO to their growing portfolio:

“We’re thrilled to have secured the rights to distribute HotmixPRO in the UK. HotmixPRO’s range of thermal mixers are beautifully engineered, will look great in any kitchen, thanks to its sleek stainless-steel exterior, and incorporates some truly unique technologies - giving chefs a new level of comfort in their kitchen. This versatile range perfectly complements our existing portfolio of light catering equipment.”

Massimo Della Torre of HotmixPRO is thrilled to be working with Mitchell & Cooper:

“Our thermal mixers are used by chefs around the world who rely on our simple yet effective technology in order to deliver a wide variety of dishes to a consistently high standard. We are absolutely delighted that Mitchell & Cooper will be bringing our products to new customers across the UK and supporting them with their individual requirements.”

With HotmixPRO, even the most demanding professionals will be able to maximise the quality of every single dish. Thanks to its precision controls, the best and most popular recipes can be standardised, memorised and then reproduced any time, any day and by any member of the staff. As such, HotmixPRO will allow foodservice professionals to take care of all the jobs that were difficult to get done before, due to shortage of time and staff.

HotmixPRO will join Mitchell & Cooper’s range of leading catering brands including Bonzer, Nemox, Deglon, Excalibur, Kisag and many more.