Buy kitchen scales for your professional kitchen from Mitchell & Cooper today. With one of these scales, you can help your chefs perfect their recipes with precise measurements to make your dishes even more delicious. Shop our collection of food weighing scales for your commercial kitchen with both UK and worldwide delivery options.

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A professional kitchen scale is a crucial appliance for any commercial kitchen. Not only do they help your chefs stay consistent with portion sizes, but they can help you reduce food waste by allowing you to calculate exactly how much you need of your ingredients. Plus, they are key when it comes to getting creative and crafting new recipes!

Here we have a fantastic collection of electronic digital kitchen scales to give you as much precision as possible when cooking and  baking. The range includes rechargeable options for scales which will get a lot of use. We also stock portable options, so your new set doesn't need to be confined to just one area in the kitchen.

 Our commercial kitchen scales come from Ohaus, a global leader in the weighing industry, so you can rest assured you’re getting fantastic quality and durability when shopping this collection.

If you like our range of kitchen scales for commercial kitchens, make sure to browse our variety of other measuring and serving tools. We stock a great range of Bonzer portioners to help you get the right portion size and serve food easily, as well as spirit measures for bars, and measuring jugs in our utensils collection.

Buy some food scales for your professional kitchen from Mitchell & Cooper today for the option of free delivery on orders over £250. And to find out more about perfecting your portion sizes, make sure to read our guide to portion control tools.