Salad Spinners

Looking for a reliable and efficient salad spinner? Shop the range at Mitchell & Cooper to discover high-quality salad spin dryers from top industry brands, including Dynamic and Matfer. Easily wash and dry large amounts of salad leaves or prepare individual salad portions with the products in this range, available with free UK delivery when you spend over £250.

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Salad Spinners

Salad spinners are used when washing fresh salad leaves in order to dry them, and the options you see here are all simple to use and efficient. That means your chefs can prepare delicious salads and accompaniments quickly and with ease, leaving more time for cooking and plating. 

Here, you’ll find small salad spinners for individual dishes, plus 5l, 10l, and 20l spinners designed for preparing large volumes of salad to meet the needs of your professional kitchen. 

Once you’ve found your ideal salad dryer spinner, be sure to browse all kitchenware to ensure your chefs have everything they need to prepare delicious meals. From knives and utensils to Bonzer can openers from the industry-leading brand, we’re confident we have the right for you.

We have over 100 years’ experience supplying light catering equipment to the restaurant industry, so buy a commercial salad spinner from Mitchell & Cooper today.