Chef Jolly Discusses Nemox's New i-green 5L Auto Gelato Machine

When we were looking for the perfect chef to put the new Nemox i-green frozen dessert machine through its paces we went a bit left field and chose chef Jolly of Chourangi restaurant in London’s Marylebone. It was an inspired choice. Chef Jolly was brilliant.

What was wonderful about how he made use of the technology was how quickly he understood its potentiImage titleal and the way that it would fit into his kitchen.

Kat Cooper, Project Director at Mitchell and Cooper was delighted to showcase the Nemox i-green and its suitability for making delicious kulfi, gelato and granita during a busy restaurant service, she said

“Nemox have really created the ultimate green ice cream machine. We have learnt that continuous churning of ice cream and gelato can be bad for the environment and with sustainability at the forefront of everything we do at Mitchell and Cooper, this new improved model, using the propane gas R290 means the removal of harmful hydroflourcarbons from professional kitchens.  R290 can also reach lower temperatures faster, resulting in smaller crystals in the gelato or kulfi (at Chourangi) at the same time, which results in the all-important smaller ice crystal and superior mouth-feel or eating experience.”

Chef Jolly prides himself on introducing sustainable practice and equipment in his kitchens, at Chourangi and all other restaurants for which he consults on a global level, as Culinary Director and CEO of Jolly Good Hospitality Ltd.

“We are faced with an overwhelming challenge,” he told us. “We have to be more sustainable and careful with the way we use, and cut down, energy. I’ve gone for a gas-fired tandoor rather than the traditional charcoal. It makes a difference.

“The new Nemox-i-green fits the same parameters and has become part of our family. For instance, I’d love to put it in the middle of our dining room and let customers scoop out fresh spoonfuls of kulfi the minute it is ready. The machine fits perfectly with our ethos.

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“Kulfi is a traditional Punjabi dessert made from reduced milk. It has a high fat content and can be flavoured in many different ways. The Nemox is the perfect machine. All we do is pour in the reduction and the machine chills it to the correct temperature. We then is hit a preset button and the machine churns it into the finished dish. It’s easy.

“All that is left to do is concentrate on what we are going to top it with - pistachios, saffron, mango - even apple and pineapple all work well. The choice is yours. And if you don’t understand something them Mitchell & Cooper are only a phone call away and they are great. Overall I couldn’t be happier and I recommend it to everyone.”

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Nemox the market leading Gelato batch freezer manufacturer aims to become the first Gelato machine manufacturer in the world to comply with EU green gas law.

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