Finally, a blender you can rely on

If you’ve read the blurb on the new Kisag blender you will know that it has impressive stImage titleats: two speed motor, up to 17,000 revs per minute, 15-minute run time, sealed shaft, good grip. The list goes on.

Kisag 40 Kisag 50
Product Length: 61 cm Product Length: 76cm
Depth of Insertion: 40 cm Depth of Insertion: 50cm
Processing Quantity: 150l Processing Quantity: 200l
Weight: 3.8kg Weight: 4kg
Power: 550 Watts Power: 550 Watts
2 Speeds: 17,000 & 14,000 RPM                 2 Speeds: 17,000 & 14,000 RPM
Continuous Use: 15 Minutes Continuous Use: 15 Minutes
Cable Length: 4 m Cable Length: 4 m

At Mitchell and Cooper, we pride ourselves on championing only the finest light catering equipment to help simplify chefs lives in their busy kitchens as much as we possibly can.

It’s not until you witness a Kisag in action that its ability really comes to life.

We recently put one to the test in Birmingham at Raja Monkey. Chef and owner Munayam Khan was making a batch of house masala sauce - it contains all sorts of leaves, hard spices and vegetable fibres that have to broken down into a smooth sauce.

The use of stick blenders is usually banned during service as Munayam’s open kitchen means that his brigade and kitchen noise is constantly on show.

“The  beauty of the Kisag Power stick blender is the fact that it makes hardly any noise at all, considering how hard it is working.  I would have no problem with my chefs using this fantastic piece of kit during service, customer facing, no problem whatsoever!”

Once the sauce was made, he transferred the large saucepan onto the floor and put in the largest of the Kisag blenders and pressed go.

“Traditionally, this would be quite arduous,” Munayam admitted. “But this blender feels good.”

The result was the Kisag churned through the sauce in under five minutes and could even be left standing and unaided as it does its business. Towards the end of the process Munayam put the blender into its silent mode and it was notably quieter.

At the end it was time for the all-important taste-test. You could still see tiny flecks of leaf in the sauce but that was routine.

“The texture is smooth,” he said. “That’s really impressive but what I also like is that it has a safety button under the grip so you don’t turn it on by accident.”

However, the Kisag doesn’t just stop at sauces. It can power through nuts and seeds, creams and all manner of things that need to be liquidise and smoothed out. Coupled with its long list of attributes it really is a must have.