Pancakes these days are flavoured with more than just lemon and sugar. It's possible to eat pancakes every meal of the day! What better time to do it than Shrove Tuesday! Breakfast, lunch and dinner pancake ideas including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes. 

Breakfast Ideas

Maple Syrup and Bacon

An American classic recipe of crisp streaky bacon and maple syrup. Deliciously mix of sweet and savoury leaves you wanting more! 

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Full English Breakfast

All the ingredients of a full English breakfast served on a bed of pancake. Breakfast doesn't get much bigger than this! 

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Banana and Ice Cream

Bananas are a staple breakfast food but when combined with ice cream in a pancake they become an amazing start to the day! 

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Lunch Ideas


Ham and Cheese

If your bored of the same old sandwiches for lunch try this recipe on pancake day. Cheese, ham and sundried tomatoes. 

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Ice Cream Sundae 

If you have a sweet tooth then ice cream sundae pancakes are the lunch of dreams. Cholocate ice cream, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. All topped off with whipped cream. 

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Brocolli and Gruyere

This savoury pancake is packed with rich flavours of gruyere, tender stem broccoli and shallots. Not the healthiest vegetarian option but forgivable on pancake day! 

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Dinner Ideas

Vegan Savoury

Loaded with vegetables, this vegan pancake recipe offers an eggless and milk-free alternative to a traditional recipe. 

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Smokey Fish Parcels

Tender fish and light cream cheese with leeks and capers all wrapped up in a pancake to keep the flavours contained! 

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Gluten Free Spinach and Egg

This gluten free savoury option is made from buckwheat. Easy to make with fresh ingredients, look delicious and taste even better. 

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