Bonzer Dispensers FAQs

The below article answers the most frequently asked questions about the Bonzer Dispenser range for cups and lids. If you can't find the answer you're looking for please ask us using the chat box below or email

Different Types of Dispenser, Gasket Guide for Cups and Lids, Fitting Guide, How many Cups Fit a Dispenser, Other Products to Consider. 

The Bonzer Dispenser Range

Elevator Cup Dispenser

The Bonzer Elevator Cup Dispenser range makes the most of any counter, providing a low profile, space - saving and easily fitted solution which keeps your cups hygienically encased whilst still allowing easy access for quick service. The incorporated spring allows these dispensers to be mounted vertically into the top of a counter or horizontally into the side. 

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Gravity Cup Dispenser

The original cup dispenser from Bonzer should be vertically mounted with the cups dispensed from the bottom. Unlike the elevator, there is no spring. Instead it relies on gravity to feed the next cups. A simple, fail-safe design which is usually mounted on display above the counter.  

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Hexdome Cup Dispenser

The Bonzer Hexdome keeps cups organised on the counter top regardless of their size. A simple solution holds cups and lids in their stack ready for use. If multiple cup sizes are required more units can easily be added to the solution. 

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Inline Cup Dispenser

The simpliest design for cups. either used for storing multiple of the same cup or 3 different sizes. This unit fits neatly into the corner of any countertop and allows disposable cups to be grabbed easily.  

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Stainless Steel or Plastic Tube

Both the Bonzer Cup and Lid Dispensers are both available with a stainless steel or a plastic tube but what's the difference?
Stainless Steel

The stainless steel version offers a more hygienic solution for cup storage. It also ensures a longer life for the dispenser. The final benefit is the improved aesthetics if the dispenser is seen. 

Simply a more cheaper option for the tube assembly. Ideal for mounting in a unit both horizontally and vertically.  Both versions come with stainless steel mounting plate and surround. 

Choosing Tube Length?

The Bonzer Elevator Cup and Lid Dispensers come in 2 sizes as standard. 450mm and 600mm. We recommend using the 450mm when mounted horizontally in a unit such as a vending machine. Often 600mm length will not fit the width of a counter.

The 600mm option is ideal for mounting vertically in the top of countertops. The extra length allows more cups or lids to be stored within the counter. 


Dispenser Guide
450mm Dimensions Drawing
600mm Dimensions Drawing

How to mount elevator dispensers horizontally?

Elevator dispensers can be mounted horizonatlly within units such as coffee machines or sideboards using the Dispenser Horizontal Bracket. 

Bonzer Elevator Fitting Guide 

Download the drill plan and fitting guide pdf here.Please note - print at actual size 100%.
1. Position the circular drill plan on the allocated work surface and tape down securely.
2. Cut a central tube hole of 119mm diameter and 4 x 4.2mm fixing holes.
3. Remove the rim from the product by twisting anticlockwise. 
4. Slide the cup dispenser into the hole and fix in place using 4mm counter sunk screws and nuts.
5. Re-attach the rim and gasket by twisting clockwise and locking into place. 
6. Load the cups by simply pushing down through the gasket. 

Cup Dispenser Capacities

Cup capacities that fit into the Bonzer dispensers vary greatly between cup styles and sizes. The size of the cup affects the stack height but doesn't necessarily affect how many cups fit into the dispenser. The greater the stack height the fewer cups will fit into the unit. The style of cup, single or double walled will also have a big effect on stack height. 

The table gives an average stack height for both single and double walled cups and how many fit into each length cup dispenser. The image shows how to measure the stack height. 

Bonzer Dispenser Gasket Guide

7 Gasket Sizes

Bonzer® gaskets are made from food-grade silicone designed to withstand daily usage. The cup diameters range from an espresso cup up to cinema sized cups, with all the standard sizes in-between. The measurement tool below is to scale, by placing your cup on the page you can determine the best gasket fit for your cup dispensing solution.

DIAGRAM NOT TO SCALE - Download and Print the Cup Size Guide PDF. Please note - Print at 100% Actual Size.

Once printed, place the rim of your cup on the diagram to select the correct size. If your cup falls between sizes please contact us and send us an example cup to specify correct gasket. 

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