Thermal Mixers

Buy a thermal mixer from Mitchell & Cooper today for your commercial kitchen. These all-in-one appliances are ideal for saving time in your professional kitchen, and saving space on the countertops too. Our collection includes products from the chef favourite catering brand, HotmixPRO. Shop the collection now and get free UK delivery on orders over £250. 

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Thermal Mixers

If you’re looking for a thermal mixer for your catering business, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Mitchell & Cooper we have a fantastic selection of thermal mixers to make food preparation as easy as possible for your hard-working chefs. 

With a thermal mixer, your chefs can cook and mix their food all in one. Some of the options in this collection can reach all the way up to 190°C, and down to -24°C, allowing you to caramelize, temper chocolate, and even pasteurize. 

These versatile appliances can be used for sauces, doughs, jams, and much more. 

Want to explore our even wider range of appliances? We have a great selection of blenders, dehydrators, food processors, and stand mixers to browse. As well as saving your chefs time, these appliances allow them to get creative and whip up even more delicious dishes. 

Shop the range of thermal mixers on offer at Mitchell & Cooper today. If you want to do more research before making your investment, make sure to read our comparisons of different thermal mixers.