Mix, chop, grind, blend, cook, fry, roast, emulsify, knead, crush.....

Commercial cooker blenders can take the place of a sous chef, take up less space and never answer back. Here is a look at three of the most popular units found in commercial kitchens.

HotmixPro GastroThermomixRobot Coupe Robot Cook
Max Bowl Capacity *1*2lts2.2L3.7L
RPM min / max *2*0 - 12,500 rpm40 - 10,700100-4500
Max continuous work hours412 Hoursunknown
Temperature Range *3*24°C to 190°C37 to 12024-140°C
Power110V / 240V240V240V
Frequency50Hz / 60Hz50Hz / 60Hz50Hz / 60Hz
Heating Power800W1000w1200w
Motor Power1'500W500w1000w
Max Total Power *4*2'300W15001800w
SD card memory *5*YESWIFI9 Programmable recipes
Body *6*Stainless SteelPlasticunknown
Net Weight13.5Kg7.95kg13.5kg
AccessoriesBlades, mixing paddle, lid with measuring cup, spatulaunknownunknown
Product Height (mm) *7*296341522
Width of product (mm)312326226
Depth of product (mm)258326338

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Benefits of the HotmixPRO Gastro for commercial kitchens.

  1. The cheapest bowl allows quick changes for different preparations.
  2. Faster work, Highest setting ensures excellent emulsification.
  3. Higher temperature range allows accurate tempering of chocolate at lower temperatures and better temperatures for frying and roasting at the higher end. Accurate single degree setting
  4. The most powerful machine, built for commercial applications
  5. Almost unlimited number of recipes can be stored on SD card. Recipes created using the desktop creator suite.
  6. High-quality stainless steel grade 304 throughout ensures the product remains looking good with no corrosion or damage in the toughest working environments.
  7. Smallest footprint, ideal in small kitchens.

Video Comparison Between HotmixPRO Gastro and Thermomix

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