Policy Statement

The Company recognises the need for a quality system to be implemented throughout if it is to satisfy its customer requirements properly. This is achieved by a structured control system from receipt of an enquiry through design, manufacture and liaison to after sales to improve reliability and discharge its responsibilities with respect to product liability.

The system adopted is structured in such a way as to comply with the requirements of the internationally recognised standard ISO9001. The Facilities & HR Director is the nominated representative having the responsibility for ensuring that the above requirements, the Quality Manual and its associated documents are implemented and maintained to a satisfactory level.

The quality of the product is ensured by monitoring of feedback information from all relevant stages of manufacture and the quality system and is subject to periodic and systematic review.

The company will maintain systems and procedures to ensure that any measuring equipment passed as fit for use for trade.

The Company ensures that Management, Technical and Production Personnel at all levels are fully conversant with the Company policy and objectives through an ongoing training programme.

The Quality Assurance Manual is the document which outlines the quality system operated by the Company and this is implemented by a series of procedural documents and work instructions covering specific areas of the Company's activities.

The Company policy is to issue externally only un-maintained copies of the Quality Assurance Manual and Quality Plans. Maintained copies can be made available by special arrangement. The issue status of the Quality Manual is in accordance with the overall Company's Documentation and Control Procedure.