Lifetime Warranty

We are proud of the product we produce and have made a promise to our customers that the workhorse of the kitchen won't let you down.

We are so convinced that the Bonzer® Can Opener is the best bench top can opener available, every Bonzer® Can Opener has a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Although our Lifetime Warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, including dents, scratches, powder coat chips from the can opener being dropped or damaged, it does cover mechanical issues.

Manufactured in our East Sussex, Factory from UK-sourced parts, we have complete quality control over the product and test every batch before packing. Of course, we want to know about any issues and have therefore made the decision to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Bonzer® Can Openers.

The warranty covers all manufacturing and parts. The blade and wheel must be changed regularly, and the can opener should only be used to open food cans as intended. See the video below for proper use. 

Further terms and conditions can be found here.

Is your can opener not working as expected?

Below are some simple steps to ensure we get your Can Opener back in operation as quickly as possible. 

1. Simply ensure your can opener is registered with us - see the below form.

2. Check you've recently changed the blade and wheel. These two components are not covered by the warranty and require regular changes with use. See the below videos on how to change these parts on all the can openers.  

3. Check our troubleshooting guide for easy fixes.

4. Finally, contact us with the nature of your problem any images or video are always useful!

Common Problems and Trouble Shooting

Can slipping and not rotating with the handle?
It's likely the wheel has worn out and is no longer gripping the can. Change the wheel immediately. We also recommend changing the blade at the same time. 
The edge of the can is sharp and metal swarf is being left in the can?
It's likely the blade needs renewing. The blade should never be sharpened and is supposed to be blunt to produce a perfectly smooth cut. As the blade becomes worn the irregular shape could cause an irregular cut. 
The handle feels loose in the mechanism?
If the can opener handle is turned anti-clockwise the mechanism is loosened in the same way as when the wheel is changed. The handle should only be turned clockwise and opening a can in a normal way should tighten the mechanism again. 

How To Videos

Operating Your Can Opener

Changing A Wheel

Changing a Blade (EZ-20, EZ60, Titan)

Changing a Blade (Classic R, EZ-40)

The Small Print


Mitchell & Cooper Ltd offers a lifetime warranty on the Bonzer® branded benchtop can openers.  The lifetime warranty applies to all Can Openers sold from 1st July 2023. 


What Does Lifetime Mean?

Lifetime warranty means the life of the product and for as long as you own the product. Covers failure of all mechanical components. The lifetime can be prematurely cut short by any number of events or conditions. These include:  

  • Failure to keep up with a recommended schedule of maintenance. 
  • Using the product in a way that’s outside the bounds of common or normal usage.  Must only be used to open tin cans intended for the food sector. 
  • Adding after-market parts or upgrades that aren’t approved by the manufacturer or seller. 
  • Only the original owner can claim the warranty.
  • Once a manufacturer stops making replacement parts, the warranty ends.
  • If a Bonzer® owner falls short on any of these exclusions they should contact our customer service department where a resolution can be found. 


Owner Responsibility: 

The owner must carry out the following tasks to validate the warranty: 

  • The product is registered through the manufacturer’s website within a 3-month period of purchase.
  • Not regularly exceeding the recommended open rate.  Classic R - up to 10 cans per day, EZ-20 - up to 20 cans per day, EZ-40 - up to 40 cans per day, EZ-60 - up to 60 cans per day, Titan - up to 100 cans per day. 
  • Always seek advice and support when replacing parts.



  • Cosmetics - including the wear and tear to aesthetic appearance (paint chips, dents and scrapes) will not be included in any claim. 


All faulty products must be reported to the manufacturer and not the reseller. Customer experience outside of the UK may vary, therefore you may need to involve your chosen distributor but always contact us in the first instance.