More than just Desserts...

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The Easy Giaz is an advanced professional grade production machine for the modern kitchen. Easy Giaz allows for simplified processing, high quality output and reduced labour cost. While the shining point of the Easy Giaz lies with its ability to produce the very best frozen desserts, operators can also whip and finely chop fresh and previously frozen foods, locking inside the most valued nutrients. 

The Easy Giaz is the crowing gem when it comes to offering variable consistency controls relating to your desired production outcome.  Operating the Easy Giaz could not be easier.  You simply add your ingredients inside the beaker, freeze and process.  The Easy Giaz allows you to produce the coldest and creamiest frozen desserts plus exquisite sauces, mousses, pates, nut butters and other fine ingredients for cooking.  As an operator, you can choose your desired rotation and descent speeds of the processing blade.   The Easy Giaz can process product at any temperature but for best frozen product applications, deep freezing at 0 Fahrenheit (-18 C) or below is recommended for frozen products. 

How does it work?

The Easy Giaz from HotmixPro works by finely slicing layer by layer off the contents in the frozen beaker. Blades attached to the end of a rotating shaft spin at rpm of between 200 and 3500 whilst the shaft gradually moves down into the frozen beaker. This action gradually slices layers of frozen product until it returns to maluable state that can be served straight away as a cold dish or the portion is ready to be heated, such as soup or sauce.  

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Produce 10 x 80g Portions in just 60 seconds...

The Easy Giaz is ideal for any kitchen, wishing to prepare the highest quality frozen desserts including ice cream, gelato, sorbets, custard, and other sweet delicacies with no waste. 

Frozen Food Processing

There are 3 speed setting as standard; 200 rpm / 2500 rpm / 3500 rpm. 200rpm runs for a duration of 150 seconds producing a course texture. 2500rpm runs for 90 seconds producing an ice cream like texture. 3500rpm runs for 60 seconds producing a smooth gelato finish. 

Whipping Setting

Any fresh ingredients like fresh cream can be whipped using the dedicated setting. Rotation of blades and air pressure create stiff whipped cream. 

Cutting Setting

The cutting setting allows you to place fresh ingredients into the beaker and cut in 3 different textures; Course / Medium and Fine. This setting can be used for creating pesto and other such like preparations from scratch. 

How to prepare the beaker

The beaker is designed to process frozen products without thawing, whipping creams, and chopping fresh ingedients. 

For Frozen Foods:

  • Fill the supplied beakers (2 supplied - 1.3 litres) with the desired ingredients 
  • Top off with liquid of choice (water, broth, syrup, ice cream base etc)Image title
  • Never exceed the maximum fill line
  • Close the beaker with the supplied lids and freeze for at least 24 hours at a temperature below -18 C 
  • It is unnecessary to have a pefectly level surface of the ingredients/liquid
  • Always store beakers upright

If using a blast freezer for the preparation of the beakers, the temperature of the mixture could be too cold. That could result in product with unexpected consistency. Please, make sure to perform the necessary setting adjustments in that instance.

If the beaker is overfilled with product, the Easy Giaz will notify the operator of excess product and ask you if you would like to proceed or not. If no action is taken, after 10 seconds Easy Giaz will process only the exceeding part and stop. If you choose to proceed after the warning, the extra product will overflow from the machine. 

(Other beakers are also compatible with Hotmix Pro Easy Giaz, ask us for more detail)

Air Pressure

Air pressure at 1.8bar (max expansion and heating) is the default setting, this can be changed to Air Flow, air is passing through the product at medium expansion. No Air - the air vent is fully open, with no air passing through the product. These options allow for further creativity when creating products like mousse. 

The Easy Giaz comes equipped with an internal pumping system allowing pressure up to 1.8 bar to be injected into product if so desired or you can choose to allow only “natural pressurization levels” that occur under normal processing.   Air injection allows for increasing overrun in frozen desserts for lighter texture or volume to other foods including fruits and vegetables.