Bonzer Unigrip Portioners Extended - Size 70 Plum

Bonzer Unigrip Portioners Extended - Size 70 Plum

The Extended Unigrip Portioner offers all the features of the standard Unigrip but with an additional inch in length, designed to easily scoop portions out of a 200mm deep GN pan.
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"In the first year, we saved over £100,000 in food costs alone. Not only that we also eradicated a large portion of food wastage on site, which gave additional savings."

"Not only have we saved money. We have also managed to make this a much slicker operation. I would encourage anyone to investigate the potential that introducing a portioner regime can bring to a location."

Geoff Moyle, Catering Manager

Freeman Hospital. 

Features and Benefits

Extended Version

The Bonzer Extended Portioner is ideal for users looking to dig deep into trays. The extended tube means the user can easily reach further into containers. 

No Food Traps

The Bonzer Portioner has been designed to remove any food traps. This makes them easier to keep clean and more hygienic.

Colour Coded Sizes

All 17 sizes have different colour handles to identify them. This makes it far easier for users to identify the different sizes required for the menu or recipe. 

Create a Consistent Menu

Both customers and operators can benefit from the consistency portion control brings. Customers can see that they have good value for money from the portion size while operators can accurately measure their costs and therefore their profits. 

Reduce Food Waste

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of reducing waste within their own lives and that counts for food. Chefs that get the balance right will see more orders from across the menu and satisfied customers going home with a smile on their face.

Made in East Sussex, UK. 

We manufacture the Bonzer Unigrip Portioner in our Uckfield factory so have full control of the process and quality. Parts procured from UK suppliers make the Bonzer Portioner a sustainable solution. 


Cafes / Restaurants




Transport Hubs

Cost Sector

Portioner Table

Portioner Size Colour  Capacity (ml) Capacity (fl.oz) Cup/Spoon Food Ideas
6  White  139  4.8  5/8 Cup  Bolognese, Gravy, Brocolli
8  Grey  110  3.8  1/2 Cup  Cauliflower, Tuna Mayo
10  Ivory  96  3.3  3/8 Cup  Peas, Baked Beans
12 Green   84  2.9  1/3 Cup Sweetcorn, Pulled Pork 
14 Sky Blue   73  2.5  1/3 Cup  Saag Allo, Burger Mince
16 Royal Blue   59  2.0 1/4 Cup   Quinoa, Black Beans
20 Yellow   53  1.86  3 1/2 Tablespoons  Carrots, Kidney Beans
24 Red   45  1.58 3 Tablespoons   Ice Cream, Yogu
30 Black 33 1.17 2 1/4 Tablespoons  Coleslaw, Sorbet
36  Mushroom  28  0.98  1 3/4 Tablespoons  Sour Cream, Cheese Sauce
40 Orchid  21  0.75  1 1/2 Tablespoons  Cashews, Cookie Dough
50 Terracotta   19  0.68 4 Teaspoons   Guacamole, Pine Nuts
60  Pink  16  0.56 1 Tablespoon   Ketchup, Salad Onions
70 Plum   14  0.49  2 34 Teaspoons  Mayonnaise, Mustard
100 Orange   10  0.34  2 Teaspoons  Wasabi, Balsamic

Product Care

Part of the beauty of the Bonzer portioner is it's simplicity. Keep it clean, dishwasher ready and dry before storage and it will have a long and happy life.

Note this is a portioner and not an ice cream scoop. We're confident it will perform with ice cream but you might need to let it soften first. 


We offer a one year manufacturers warranty on all Bonzer Portioners. 


Bonzer Unigrip Portioners Extended - Size 70 Plum
  • Brand Name Bonzer
  • Product Group Portioner
  • Portioner Handle Type Unigrip
  • Portioner Length Extended
  • Colour Plum
  • Bowl Size Size 70
  • Capacity (ml) 14
  • Capacity (fl/oz) 0.49
  • Unit Of Measure PCS
  • GTIN 5023476065675
  • Product Height (mm) 230
  • Product Width mm 60
  • Product Depth (mm) 34
  • Product Weight (kg) 0.1
  • Packaged Height (mm) 315
  • Packaged Width (mm) 80
  • Packaged Depth (mm) 45
  • Packaged Weight (kg) 0.14