Silikomart Kit Tarte Ring - Round 80mm Set Silicone Mould 67mm 6 Rings

Silikomart Kit Tarte Ring - Round 80mm Set Silicone Mould 67mm 6 Rings


Microperforated thermoplastic rings can be used up to 180°C / 356°F. Mico holes for evaportion of humidity, micro holes always remain clean, shortcrust pastry is easily removed from the ring, border to ensure more stability, doesn't need to be greased, thermal stability and homogeneous baking. Can also be used as a cutter. Each kit comes with ring and mould.

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Features and Benefits

Specialist LSR Silicone

Made from LSR silicone which due to the special thermal process that each mould goes through remains odourless, smoke free when heated and any potential harmful toxic residue is removed. Having greater stability and thermal resistance in comparison to metal moulds they remain virtually indestructible and will always return to their original shape.


Guaranteed for 3000 uses, the moulds can be used across a temperature range of -60 to +230C and can be taken from one extreme to the other instantly without fear of damaging the mould allowing for all creative realms to be explored.

Easy Cleaning

Allow for a quick and efficient turnover of creations as the moulds are safe to use in the dishwasher. 

Consistent Results

With over 20 years experience combining craftsmanship, technology and innovation, consistency is guaranteed every time for excellent results and exquisite creations.

Built for Professionals

With a passion for the art of pastry, Silikomart is leading the innovation of avant-garde shapes around the world for all patisserie professionals.  

Complete Range Available

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Product Care

Dishwasher safe and can be washed up with normal cookware. Clean and dry thoroughly between uses. 


All moulds have been tested to 3000 uses and include a 1 year warranty.


Silikomart Kit Tarte Ring - Round 80mm Set Silicone Mould 67mm 6 Rings
  • Brand Name Silikomart
  • Non Stick Coating No
  • Mould Diameter (mm) 80
  • Quantity Per Mould 6