Citrus & Garnish Tools

Buy a citrus juicer and other garnish tools for your bar or pub from Mitchell & Cooper today. A citrus press is the perfect way to add a deliciously fresh, citrussy twist to some of your most popular drinks. These intuitive gadgets are quick and easy to use, making them the ideal addition to your bar. Buy a manual citrus juicer from us today and take advantage of our worldwide delivery options.

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Citrus & Garnish Tools

A citrus press is the perfect gadget to keep behind the bar. These tools add just the juice to a glass, without the pulp or the mess, making them ideal for busy bars. You can use them to add citrus juice to a variety of different cocktails, from adding a splash of lemon to martinis to using fresh orange for your tequila sunrises.

The citrus fruit juicers in this collection come from the popular kitchen and bar tools brand, Bonzer. These catering equipment experts have years of experience and are a popular choice amongst industry professionals, so a product from them is bound to be a great addition to your kitchen. You’ll also find a triangular canal knife from Triangle in this selection that cuts a ribbon of peel, perfect for adding an extra flourish to any drink. 

If you’d like a new citrus juice press for your bar or pub, or any of our other citrus and garnish tools, you might also want to take advantage of the rest of our bar essentials. We offer all the vital cocktail equipment, including cocktail strainers, mixing spoons, and muddlers, as well as spirit measures and other bar accessories.

Buy a citrus fruit juicer for manual use from Mitchell & Cooper today and get free delivery if you spend £250 or more on your order.