Cocktail Kits

At Mitchell & Cooper, we have a variety of high-quality bartender cocktail kits for you to choose from. From kits that have all the essentials to more premium, luxury options, here you’ll find everything you need to prepare delicious cocktails for your patrons in one handy kit.

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Cocktail Kits

The Bonzer brand is trusted by professional barkeepers throughout the UK, so you know that any of the Bonzer cocktail kits in this range are going to become firm favourites of your bar staff due to their fine craftmanship and durability. If you’d like to see more cocktail-making equipment from Bonzer, be sure to browse their barman’s aprons and bar rolls.

The professional cocktail kits in this selection range from a seven-piece set to a 15-piece set. The seven-piece set includes just the essentials you need to offer a basic cocktail menu such as a jigger, a muddler, Boston shakers, two strainers, and a mixing spoon, so this is a fantastic option for beginners and small businesses. Alternatively, the Elite Kit contains the standard set plus a selection of other tools for more complex concoctions and is ideal for established cocktail bars.

At Mitchell & Cooper, we have over 100 years of experience providing essential tools and equipment to restaurants, bars, and other establishments, so we are experts in this arena. We offer free UK delivery when you spend over £250, so why not browse the rest of our cocktail equipment and stock up? 

Buy cocktail bartender kits and much more here today.