Shop Crustastun for sale at Mitchell & Cooper. Recognised as the most humane method of killing crustaceans, stunning is fast and efficient while the Crustastun is safe and easy to use. Using a Crustastun may also improve the texture and taste of the meat, so it’s an essential appliance for any seafood restaurant or establishment that serves shellfish.

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The Crustastun machine is a revolutionary appliance for stunning crustaceans. Developed as an alternative to traditional methods of killing lobster, crayfish, and crab, the Crustastun is recognised by a number of leading welfare groups as the most humane method of preparing live crustaceans for cooking.

The Crustastun interrupts the nerve function of the crustacean within half a second, meaning the animal can’t feel pain and is killed in under 10 seconds — this can take up to three minutes when boiling. This makes Crustastun a much quicker process compared to boiling, and more reliable than cutting the shellfish in half.

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