Gelato Machines

Here at Mitchell & Cooper, you can buy a top-quality commercial ice cream machine for your business. You can create a variety of different ice creams and gelatos with these machines, from soft serve to harder gelatos. Our collection is incredibly durable and built to withstand use in the busiest of industrial kitchens. Shop for a gelato maker for your commercial business today and get free UK delivery on orders over £250. 

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Gelato Machines

These commercial ice cream makers are sure to be a welcome addition to any restaurant, café, or catering company kitchen. As well as being perfect for making ice cream and gelato, you can use these machines to prepare an array of other frozen treats, like sorbet, frozen yoghurt, and granita.

Our range is varied, so you’re bound to find an ice cream maker for your commercial business. For small kitchens, we offer compact models capable of producing 2kg of mixture an hour, as well as larger machines which can produce up to an impressive 12kg hourly. We also stock automatic options, and many of the machines come with multiple speeds to give you even more control over the process.

We know you want an ice cream and gelato machine you can trust to produce delicious desserts for years to come, which is why we only stock products from the best Our Brands. Our gelato makers come from two reliable and innovative brands loved by professional chefs, Nemox and HotmixPRO.

If you’re investing in a gelato ice cream maker, don’t forget to check you’ve got all the essential tools and utensils to go alongside it. Here, you’ll find a selection of Zeroll ice cream scoops which will give you the perfect serve every time. We also have a great collection of commercial blenders, which are ideal for whipping up milkshakes with ice cream from your new gelato machine.

Mitchell & Cooper can deliver your ice cream makers for your commercial business anywhere in the UK, or further afield with our worldwide delivery options, so browse our fantastic collection now. And if you’re looking for advice before making your purchase, read our ice cream maker buying guide or get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.