Stick Blenders

Buy a stick blender for your commercial kitchen from Mitchell & Cooper today. You can use this nifty appliance to blend food without even taking it out of the pan, allowing you to save both time and effort. Get an immersion blender for your business today and get free delivery if you spend £250 or more. 

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Stick Blenders

If you’re looking for a commercial stick blender, we’ve got exactly what you need at Mitchell & Cooper. We have an excellent variety in this collection, with options for a range of different budgets. We have lightweight hand blenders to choose from, as well as heavier options for even larger mixtures. Each one has multiple speed options too, so your chefs can have complete control over their dishes.

The great thing about a handheld blender is that you can blend huge quantities of food easily, without having to transfer your mixture to another appliance. Whether you’re preparing large batches of pasta sauce, gravy, mayonnaise, or soup, a stick blender is ideal for you.

In this collection you’ll find immersion blenders from some of the most popular catering brands on the market. Our range includes Dynamic, Kisag, and Bamix stick blenders.

If you like this collection, you may also want to explore our wider array of appliances. We have an even larger collection of blenders, as well as food mixers, and  processors to cut down food prep time even further.

Shop for an industrial stick blender from Mitchell & Cooper today. Want to do more research before making your purchase? Make sure to check out our stick blender buying guide.