Clearing Trolleys

Buy a racking trolley for your catering business from Mitchell & Cooper today. If you’re looking for a way to speed up the time it takes the staff at your catering business to clear tables, a Bourgeat clearing trolley is ideal for you. You can store multiple trays safely and securely in these clearing trolleys, and as they come with wheels, you can clear trays on the move for even more efficiency. Shop our fantastic range now. 

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Clearing Trolleys

If you’re looking to buy a clearing trolley for your restaurant, café, or catering company, we have an excellent selection for you to choose from at Mitchell & Cooper. In this range you’ll find larger clearing trolleys which can hold up to 24 trays, as well as more compact options with seven shelves for smaller businesses. We even have racking trolleys which double up as worktops for those looking for space saving solutions. 

Whether you have a large catering business or a small café, a tray clearing trolley is sure to help you and your staff. You can keep them in your professional kitchen and designate them as a storage area to put dirty used trays, clean trays and dishes that are ready to be used, or any other way which takes your fancy. And as they have wheels, you can use them to quickly clear tables after a particularly busy period.

The catering trolleys we have on offer are sturdy and secure, so you can ensure the safety of your staff while dealing with heavy loads. We have trolleys which can hold up to 250kg at a time and can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 60°C, plus clearing trolleys that come with brakes to give you and your staff extra peace of mind. 

If you like our selection of catering tray clearing trolleys, you may want to browse our wider range of storage and handling equipment. Here you’ll find an excellent range of ingredient containers, and gastronorm pans for your professional kitchen.

Shop for clearing trolleys for catering from Mitchell & Cooper and get free delivery on orders over £250. Browse the range now.