Gastronorm Pans

Shop the collection of gastronorm pans for your professional kitchen today at Mitchell & Cooper. These handy tools are a kitchen essential for all types of catering business, big or small. A gastronorm pan can be used for cooking and chilling food, as well as food storage. These versatile pieces of kit are sure to help speed things up in your professional kitchen. See for yourself and browse our excellent range today. 

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Gastronorm Pans

Gastronorm pans, or GN pans as they’re otherwise known, are multiuse tool for professional kitchen, so you’ll no doubt want to add one to your collection. We have GN pans that can be used in the oven and for freezing. Our collection also includes a range of gastronorm pan lids to be used for both cooking and storage, as well as grips for transporting the pans safely. 

We have a wide range of gastronorm pans sizes on offer in our selection. This includes smaller 1/9 GN pans, the largest size available 2/1 GN pans, and many sizes between. We also stock a number of different sized lids to fit these pans. 

There are a variety of GN pans to choose from in this selection, so you’re sure to find an option which suits your needs. The range includes stainless steel gastronorm pans, as well as a perforated GN pan to keep your dishes the right texture by preventing the food from absorbing excess moisture.

Do you like the gastronorm pans in this collection? You may want to explore our larger range of cookware, as well as our excellent variety of food storage and handling solutions. These include ingredient containers, and racking trolleys.

Buy a GN pan for your professional kitchen from Mitchell & Coopers collection today. Shop now for free delivery on orders over £250.