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Lifetime Warranty Explained - Reseller

We are proud of the product we produce and have made a promise to our customers and resellers that the workhorse of the kitchen won't let them down.

We are so convinced that the Bonzer® Can Opener is the best benchtop can opener available, every Bonzer® Can Opener has a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.

Manufactured in our East Sussex, Factory from UK-sourced parts, we have complete quality control over the product and test every batch before packing. Of course, we do want to know about any issues and have therefore made the decision to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Bonzer® Can Openers.

We want our resellers to share this confidence in the product with their customers. By offering a lifetime warranty this offers you and your customers the following. 




Great Customer Service 

Eco-Friendly Product

UK Manufactured Line




Reseller FAQs

What do we need to do?
In terms of logistics, there is nothing to do - we just ask that you update your website with the lifetime warranty information that can be found here. We also ask that when specifying a can opener the correct one is suggested - high-capacity establishments will need to use the larger can opener. 
Are we going to get lots of returns?
We believe our Bonzer can openers are the most durable on the market. Quality controlled and fully tested, built in the UK by our team of Bonzer technicians means every can opener that leaves the factory is first class condition. We seldom get a return which was a big reason to offer the lifetime warranty.  
How do we deal with warranty claims?
Step 1. We ask that you direct the customer towards our lifetime warranty page which includes a troubleshooting section, guides to change blades and wheels, product registration and more. 
Step 2. Check that the blade and wheel have been changed recently. 
Step 3. Direct them towards our customer service team to continue the return.
Can we buy spare wheels and blades to supply our customers?
Of course - we offer packs for purchase by either distributor at a discount or end users see here.
Does this apply to all can openers?
The lifetime warranty is offered on all standard Bonzer Can Openers purchased after 1st July 2023. See terms here. 
Which can opener models does this apply to?
Ths applies to all standard can openers including the 16 and 25 inch version of the Classic R, EZ-20, EZ-40, EZ-60 & Titan. Part numbers 10071-01, 10071-04, 10080-01, 10080-02, 10081-01, 10081-03, 10082-01, 10082-02, 12584-01.

Listing The Product

If you think the Bonzer Can Openers and the lifetime warranty would suit your customers please ensure the range is listed on your website and literature. To make things easy we've got a handy download link for all the assets related to the can opener!