Zerolon Ice Cream Scoop - All Sizes

Zerolon Ice Cream Scoop - All Sizes


The modern hard coat anodized version of the classic Zeroll® scoop contains a super conductive fluid that transmits the warmth from the user’s hand to facilitate scooping and release of even the hardest ice cream.

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Features and Benefits

Easy Release

The unique heat-conducting liquid within the handle transfers the natural warmth of the user to facilitate smooth scooping and provide easy release. This is aided by the hard coat anodized finish on the Zerolon model. The design can offer up to 20% more scoops from a tub due to minimal compression.

One Piece Design

The single-piece design ensures excellent durability. With no spring or mechanisms that could wear out the single piece is easy to keep clean and ensures nothing can go wrong! 

6 Colour Coded Sizes

Scoops come in 6 different sizes. Each with a different coloured size identifier on the end. From 1oz to 4 oz scoops depending on requirements. 

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Product Care

NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. Easy to clean with normal soap and water. Hand wash and dry thoroughly between uses. Do not expose to temperatures in excess of 104°F.


We offer a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on all Zeroll scoops. 

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Zerolon Ice Cream Scoop - All Sizes
  • Brand Name Zeroll
  • Product Group Ice Cream Scoop