The benefits of Bonzer can openers and portioners in the cost sector

Just like the wider catering industry, cost sector food services are all about efficiency, safety, quality, and consistency. However, cost sector catering faces a number of challenges which aren’t prevalent in other large catering settings, from hitting targets set by external sources to meeting strict nutritional guidelines, such as the NHS’s eight national standards for food and drink for healthcare settings. To ensure these high standards and aims are met, having the right commercial kitchenware is essential.

Two vital tools which can have a significant impact on the running of a cost sector kitchen are can openers and portioners. Not only are they essential for food safety, but they can also ensure efficiency in the food preparation process. Here at Mitchell & Cooper, we have a fantastic selection of Bonzer kitchenware, including some of the highest quality commercial can openers and portioners on the market.

In this blog post, we'll explore the numerous benefits of Bonzer can openers and portioners, detailing just how valuable an addition they are to UK cost sector catering.

Reducing food waste

Food waste is prevalent across the hospitality industry but is particularly rampant in the cost sector. In fact, Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates that 18% of the food purchased by hospitals is wasted, which is the equivalent of 1 in 6 meals. The same study shockingly found that the healthcare sector’s total annual food waste equates to £230 million per year. Similar findings have emerged in many other cost sector settings, such as schools, which have been estimated to waste 80,382 tonnes of food per year.

Portioners are a key tool when it comes to food waste reduction, and our Bonzer portioners are particularly effective at this. With ergonomic design and various sizes available, these portioners are intuitive and easy for your catering team to use, making it much more likely that your chefs will make full use of them. We’ve also received first-hand testaments from satisfied catering manager customers, such as Geoff Moyle, Catering Manager at the Freeman Hospital, who stated that his team were able to “eradicate a large portion of food wastage on site” with a Bonzer portioner.

Improving food and kitchen safety

Food safety is of course the top priority for any food business, but it is an especially vital consideration for many cost sector caterers. Not only does this sector often involve catering to vulnerable people, such as adults in healthcare settings and children, but these sectors are more likely to have strict guidelines to adhere to, such as those set out in the NHS independent review of hospital food.

One of the key benefits of both Bonzer can openers and portioners is their food safety credentials. Our Bonzer can opener has a removable blade for easy cleaning. This is particularly useful not just for the hygiene of your kitchen but for food safety inspections. Can openers are one of the more commonly overlooked pieces of equipment when it comes to kitchen cleanliness, so food inspectors may pay closer attention to these tools in an inspection.

On top of this, the Bonzer portioner is designed without annoying food traps which can be difficult to clean and make the food preparation process much less hygienic. You can find out more about Bonzer food safety benefits by reading our blog post on food hygiene and Bonzer can openers.

As well as food safety, these products also ensure the safety of staff in busy cost sector kitchen environments. The ergonomic handles and smooth turning action of our can openers ensure that your team can easily open cans without risking injury. The cutting mechanism is also designed to minimize contact with sharp edges, reducing the chances of accidental cuts or scrapes.

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Increasing efficiency  

In a fast-paced cost sector kitchen, efficiency is one of the main priorities for caterers. This is especially important for cost sector settings where mealtimes are strictly allotted, such as in schools, prisons, and military bases. In these busy kitchen environments, Bonzer products come into their own.

Bonzer portioners, for example, are designed to save you time in the kitchen with their ergonomic design and ease of use, which allows caterers to use them quickly and efficiently. With their efficient scooping and portioning capabilities, you can speedily serve up perfectly measured quantities, without needing to fuss around with spoons or guesswork. These portioners also come in colour-coded sizes, making it easy for your team to grab the size they need without needing to waste time rooting around for the right measurement.

The Bonzer can openers in this range are also designed for speedy use. Like the portioners, Bonzer can openers come in an ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use and can be used repeatedly throughout the day. For the cost sector setting, we'd recommend the Bonzer EZ40, EX60, and Titan can openers, which can be used on 40, 60, and 60+ cans per day respectively. These can openers come with the added bonus of having a larger 40mm wheel, which can help your kitchen staff open cans twice as fast as they could with most other 25mm wheel models. The blade is also easily removable, so your staff can save time when it comes to cleaning the product too.

Long lasting kitchen essentials

In the cost sector, caterers are always looking for ways to make their budgets stretch further. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in the highest quality equipment, and that’s exactly what you get with Bonzer. Many types of commercial can openers can be difficult to maintain and wear out quicker than you would like, but Bonzer can openers are built to last and can withstand the test of time. In fact, Bonzer is currently the only range of can openers with a lifetime warranty, so you can put their durability to the test if you invest in one yourself.

As maintaining this commercial kitchen staple is so straightforward, you can also easily extend the lifespan of your product. You can find out more about keeping your can opener in top condition with our handy Bonzer can opener maintenance guide. And if one of the parts of your can opener does eventually give out, we have a range of Bonzer can opener spares to help you prolong the lifespan of the product even further.

Bonzer portioners are also built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. We manufacture the Bonzer portioner in our own factory and have full control of the manufacturing process and quality of each product to ensure that our customers get no less than the best when they shop this range.


Bonzer can openers and portioners aren’t just handy commercial kitchen gadgets; they are valuable tools for saving time and money and improving food safety in the cost service sector. We have a variety for you to browse here at Mitchell & Cooper, with various sizes and models available. Explore our full collection today.

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