Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop Guide

In the below guide you will find - A history of the Zeroll Company - Features and Benefits of the iconic Zeroll Scoop - Portion Size and Scoops/Tub table - How Zeroll scoops can increase your dessert profit - Tips for the perfect scoop and maintaining your scoop.

Choose The Right Scoop For The Gelato


Bonzer portioners are extremely versatile for food portioning. Available in a range of sizes to suit vegetables, sauces, rice or meat. They can be used for soft serve ice cream but there are better options available for harder gelato. The squeeze handle makes bowl release a breeze. Made with stainless steel and plastic handle, there are no food traps for better hygiene. Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  

Ice Cream Scoops

The classic Zeroll ice cream scoop can be used for soft and hard ice cream, gelato, sorbet etc. Creates a classic ice cream ball shape. With non-toxic defrosting fluid in the handle, the bowl warms for easy scoop and release. One piece construction eliminates moving parts and chances of malfunctioning. Available in a range of sizes to suit the menu and customer needs.  

Ice Cream Spades

The Zeroll Ice Cream Spade is generally used for gelato and creamier ice creams. Great for heavy-duty commercial use in ice cream factories. The spade is best suited for levelling and scraping down tubs at the end of the day to preserve and irradicate ice crystals in the tub. Again a one-piece construction with patented defrosting liquid makes the Zerol spade a must have.  

America's Favourite Scoop

The choice of ice cream parlours and ice cream lovers since 1935! 

For over 80 years, the Zeroll Company has continued to dominate the market place in company reputation and product quality. The design for the Zeroll ice cream scoop received a patent in 1935. The original Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop has undergone no substantial changes in its design since its introduction and is still manufactured in the United States of America.

  1. Aluminium alloy single piece construction removes the risk of breakage and improves hygiene.
  2. The colour coded end cap identifies the 6 different sizes available. (See table below.)
  3. Patented defrosting liquid inside the scoop transfers heat from the hand to the scoop bowl to aid release.
  4. The unique bowl shape scrapes ice cream into a classic ball without crushing it in the process.  

Portion Scoops Size Chart

Increase Profit With These Serving Tips. 

  • Hold the scoop comfortably in either hand well down on the bowl.
  • Place the scoop 1cm into the ice cream along the outside edge of the container
  • Start rolling the ice cream in a circular motion; avoid crushing it against the side of the carton.
  • Relax and let the scoop do the work.
  • When the bowl is full, turn the scoop and lift from carton.
  • Touch the portion lightly against dish or cone for instant release. 

How to care for your ice cream scoop?

  • Avoid abrasive or caustic cleaners. They mar the finish, reduce scooping efficiency and the scoop's life.
  • Use fine grade cleaning pads daily to preserve the finish.
  • Use mild detergents
  • Do not put in dishwasher or water over 60 C (140 F).
  • If surface darkens, rub hard with cleaning pad and detergent. 

The History

Sherman Kelly vacations in West Palm Beach and observed a young woman struggling while scooping ice cream. He resolved to find a better way. 

Kelley develops the design for the Zeroll® Ice Cream Scoop and receives a patent.

The early success of The Zeroll Co. was stalled by World War II. The aluminium needed to produce the scoops was diverted to wartime use and the business was virtually dormant for several years.

The Zeroll Co. was one of the first to obtain aluminium after the war.

Sherman Kelley passes away, and his son Ralph takes over. Ralph moves the company to Maumee, Ohio and changed its name to Roll Dippers, Inc. This was a slow period for the company!

The Funka brothers purchased it in 1968. Tom and Art Funka enjoyed the challenge of turning The Zeroll Co. back into the successful business it once was. The company was moved back to Toledo, and the name changed back to The Zeroll Co.

Modern Times 
The Zerolon® line of scoops was developed. The Original TubMate® Spade was re-designed with a longer handle and thicker blade and joined the Zeroll product line to rave reviews. 

Video - How they're made

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Zeroll Ice Cream Spade - Zeroll Spade 1065
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