Buy a muddler from Mitchell & Cooper today to get the most out of your cocktails. You can use this essential bartending tool to crush fresh ingredients like fruit, herbs, and spices, to make sure you get every last ounce of flavour out if it. As well as making your drinks even more delicious, a muddler can reduce the amount of fresh ingredients needed for a drink making it a very cost-effective tool. Shop cocktail muddlers today and get free UK delivery if you spend £250 or more on your order. 

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Looking for a new cocktail muddler for your bar? You’re sure to find one you love in Mitchell & Cooper’s collection. We have an array of options to choose from here, including lightweight muddlers to make crushing easier, and serrated muddlers which can get even more flavour out of your ingredients.

These tools work for a wide range of cocktails, so whether you’re looking for a gin smash, a margarita, an old fashioned, or a mojito muddler, you’ll find exactly what you need in this collection. 

We know that you want your bar equipment not just to work well and give you the best flavours, but to look great behind the bar too. We have a variety of different styles on offer to suit your aesthetic. The range includes a beautiful collection of wooden muddlers, as well as slick, stainless steel options, so you’re sure to find one which suits your business well. 

If you like our variety of muddlers for cocktails, you may want to explore our wider variety of cocktail equipment for professional bartenders. Our range includes full cocktail kits, as well as cocktail shakers, spoons, and strainers. You can also browse our selection of other bar essentials too, like citrus & garnish tools

Buy a drinks muddler from Mitchell & Cooper today. Looking for more inspiration for your bar set-up? Don’t forget to give our guide to basic cocktail tools a read to help you craft the perfect bar for your business.