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How to Prepare For an EHO Food Safety Inspection

Whether you’re in charge of a bustling restaurant or a school canteen, food safety is no doubt a top priority in your kitchen. This safety is put to the test in the form of rigorous inspections carried out by Environmental Health Officers (EHOs).



Bar and pub events: 20 game and activity ideas

Looking for a way for your bar or pub to stand out from the rest whilst increasing your footfall? Your business could benefit from hosting regular activity nights. Bar and pub events have increased in popularity in recent years, with consumers looking to try out new experiences on their evenings out. 


The benefits of Bonzer can openers and portioners in the cost sector!

Cost sector catering faces a number of challenges which aren’t prevalent in other large catering settings, from hitting targets set by external sources to meeting strict nutritional guidelines, such as the NHS’s eight national standards for food and drink for healthcare settings.


5 top bar and restaurant trends for 2024

In this year alone we’ve seen a whole spectrum of new crazes, from the TikTok famous “girl dinner” trend to hot and spicy cocktails. We’ve also seen a variety of longer-term trends continue to rise in popularity, such as plant-based dishes and alcohol-free beverages.


Designing a drinks menu: Drinks and cocktail menu template and ideas.

Creating a drinks menu for your bar or pub is more than just listing beverages. A well-thought-out drinks menu can boost sales, enhance customer experience, and set you apart from the competition. 


Sustainable restaurants: How can restaurants be more eco-friendly?

From energy costs to restaurant food waste, sustainability in the hospitality industry is crucial for both reducing the industry's carbon footprint and appealing to consumers' needs and desires.


What is a Dehydrator & How Can They Be Used?

What exactly is a dehydrator, and how can a food dehydrator benefit your kitchen? In this buying guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the appliances, from how dehydrators work to food dehydrator uses.


Bonzer Barware X Merlin

A look at how we combined industry-leading barware with TV's favourite barman, Merlin Griffiths to get the nation shaking. See how the collaboration progressed from concept to delivery. 


UK Alcohol Licensing Laws

If you’re opening a bar, pub, restaurant, or any other type of hospitality establishment where you intend to sell alcohol, you’ll first need a good understanding of alcohol selling and drinking laws in the UK.


Food Processor vs Blender

To help make the buying process easier for you, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you compare commercial blenders and food processors so you can choose the perfect one for your professional kitchen.


Crustastun Reaches It's Best

M&C spent the day with Michelin starred chef Simon Woods and his team, creating his famous Lobster Bisque using the Crustastun crustacean stunner. That meant he had to dispatch it ethically by using the Crustastun.


Bonzer Dispenser leads the way

Surrey-based branded cup specialist, Go For Green Ltd, are flying the flag for UK manufacturers as they recover post pandemic. Working with Really Awesome Coffee Company, they supply Bonzer™ coffee cup dispensers, manufactured in the UK by Mitchell & Cooper in Uckfield.

More than just desserts

The Easy Giaz is an advanced professional grade production machine for the modern kitchen. Easy Giaz allows for simplified processing, high quality output and reduced labour cost. While the shining point of the Easy Giaz lies with its ability to produce the very best frozen desserts, operators can also whip and finely chop fresh and previously frozen foods, locking inside the most valued nutrients.  

Lift the lid on hygiene

It’s a scene every head chef can identify with. The Environmental Health Officer is coming for an inspection and the whole team has been polishing the kitchen and cleaning under the ovens and behind the fridge. However, on arrival the EHO goes straight to the can opener. 

Hot Tips for Risotto Milanese

Mitchell & Cooper’s recipe development team recently approached Hayden Groves, former National Chef of The Year to ask if he would cook his fabulous Risotto Milanese in the Hotmix PRO.

Rupert Taylor - Crab Crumpet

Check out Rupert’s stunning dish of Cornish crab, crumpet, Thai puree, apple and yuzu here in this fantastic recipe film.

Carl Cleghorn - Poached Lobster

This recipe was a mouth-watering Butter Poached Lobster with Carrot & Orange by Carl Cleghorn, new Executive Chef at Thornbury Castle near Bristol. 

Thermal Blender and baking

While baking has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to the Great British Bake Off, it's a hobby that's been woven into the fabric of British culture for centuries.

Pan-fried lobster, Spinach and Pototo

Recipe created by Michael a Roux-trained chef who became Premier Sous-chef at The Ritz and also won a Michelin star in France at L’hostellerie la Briquetterie, uses the Crustastun to prepare this recipe. 

Bonzer Can Opener - Made in the UK

For over the last 80 years Bonzer benchtop or counter mounted Can Openers have been made in the UK, and that is still the case today. Look inside the factory and see the different stages of production. 

More than just soups with HotmixPro

Do you think that thermal mixers such as HotmixPRO are just for whipping up soups? Think again! With many exclusive features, HotmixPRO machines are one of today’s most technologically advanced solutions to make the lives of kitchen professionals much easier.

Why Create a Crustacean Stunner?

Crustastun believes crustaceans should be humanely stunned before cooking. Boiling any animal alive is clearly inhumane. Previously approved humane methods of killing crabs and lobsters have been shown to be wholly inadequate.

10 alternative uses for Dehydrators

Despite its name, a dehydrator is not simply restricted to the drying of food alone, and can be just as essential for recipes which require a constant low temperature.

The Anatomy of Crustaceans 

Although crabs and lobsters look different, they share a common physiology. All crustaceans have bilaterally symmetrical bodies covered with a thick exoskeleton. Like other arthropods, adult crustaceans have segmented bodies and jointed legs.

Basic Cocktail Tools
Basic Cocktail Tools

Basic Cocktail Tools that you need

Here is a selction of the basic tools you need to create fantastic cocktails whether at home or at work in a bar.